The Paper Doll Project is a Pop Up Museum giving a close look at the scrappy history of Paper Dolls which dates back to the 1800s. As a child I would create my own paper dolls to play with and I attribute it to being a turning point in my creativity and why I am pursuing a creative profession today. To honor my past love for Paper Dolls I decided to share them for my Senior Capstone Exhibition and give a glimpse into the history. Unfortunately because of covid we weren't able to have a normal in person exhibition so in place we made mockups of what the project would look like in real life. 
A paper doll is a two-dimensional figure drawn or printed on paper for which accompanying clothing has also been made. It may be a figure of a person, animal or inanimate object. 
Paper dolls were a part of children’s lives and fashion culture for generations, have always been meant to be instructive: to teach young women and girls how to look and behave. But, from the start, they have been used in unexpected ways, by people they weren’t necessarily intended for.


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