The Blue Magoon Poetry Book
The Blue Magoon is a collaborative poetry book using my photography and my sister's poetry which finds connections between visual and written languages. "The Blue Magoon" is an alias my sister uses for her poetry which inspired the name of the book. 
Photography + Illustrations
The photos I used for this book were taken over a months time where I brought my camera with me every where I go, snapping anything that spoke to me.  I wanted the book to have a personal feel and to include some of myself in the photos so I included several abstract self portraits through the use of shadows and reflections. The illustration on the front of the book is of a tattoo that my sister and I share that I reflected to represent both of us and I continued this reflection theme throughout the book by reflecting images. 
Typography + Colors
For the typography I chose a typewriter font to give the book an old school poetry feel, and I accompanied that with Baskerville to set the poetry in as it is simple and legible but still is timeless. For the colors I knew I wanted to use the cobalt blue to go along with The Blue Magoon and decided on a cobalt shade as my sister often scribbles poetry down with a cobalt marker. I used the cobalt sparingly but I chose to keep it on the inside cover of the book so it will shine through in the background of every page as a constant memento.
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