Switz Branding & Identity
Switz is a concept active brand targeted toward young girls, the name Switz derives from Katherine Switzer who was the first woman to run the Boston marathon and had to fight away race officials to finish the race just because she was a woman. This act of courage and defiance is what inspired the Switz brand which aims to empower middle and high school aged girls towards an active lifestyle. Switz’s goal is to make girls feel comfortable and strong in their own bodies. The brand is started as a jumping off point but could evolve to many different things; initially it would involve a kit with workout supplies and a guide to get started, a social media campaign, as well as fitness workshops.  
Social Media Presence
Since Switz's target audience are young girls social media plays a huge role in getting the word out, Fun graphics and bright colors are used to get girls excited about physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. To inspire the girls there are reoccurring posts that highlight athletes that have made a strong impact. 
Brand Book
Below are some spreads from the Switz brand book I developed to keep all touch points to be consistant.
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