ProSpot App
ProSpot is a mobile app concept that connects athletic professionals with clients, because I believe athletic advancement should be put into the hands of the people and not the country club. This app would make it easier for pros to work for themselves without having to give a large portion of their profits to someone else, while also making lessons cheaper and more accessible for people looking to learn.
For this project I created an interactive prototype using Adobe Xd as well as several pieces of marketing collateral to accompany the app. Watch the video below to see a walk through of the app
 (May be helpful to make video full screen.)
Colors + Typography
The colors chosen convey a cool, professional environment while still keeping the app fun and upbeat. I wanted to stay away from palettes that are typically used in the athletic industry and opted for something new and fresh. The Montserrat font family was chose for its perfect circular elements that play into the spot motif of the app.
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