Paradox is a concept fresh and ready meal kit that would be available for convenient access in Target stores. The name paradox comes from being able to get a meal that is fast, fresh, healthy, creative, and convenient it's a paradox. Meal kits are typically a subscription service which locks people into an annoying payment plan and usually these mailed boxes have excess packaging. Paradox is bringing the meal kit to the store to make it more convenient, eco-friendly, and readily available while also inspiring creativity and a love of cooking.
The kit is all conveniently packaged into a compact take out container, allowing the package to get a second use for leftovers. A wrap around label was used to keep costs low by not printing directly on the box.
Each box includes a recipe card which can be saved, consumers can collect the cards and right notes on them for future meals. Each card encourages creativity with suggestions to add to the meal to make it your own.  
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