Elaine Construction Internship
Elaine Construction is a third generation certified woman owned Construction company that specializes in Corporate, Retail, and Institutional projects. During my time as Marketing Intern at Elaine I learned the inside workings of the fast paced and exciting world of construction. As the only in house Graphic Designer I was able to work on a wide range of projects: Below are some selected pieces.
CoreNet Video
CoreNet is a professional organization for the real estate industry, I was tasked with creating a 15 second long video to display during a CoreNet Gala with an audience of 200+ people. I wanted to highlight what makes Elaine Unique during the video; That Elaine has been a family owned business since 1947, and that they are a Women owned business which is extremely rare for the Construction Industry. I found an old photo album with old construction projects and I decided to make a video that had a vintage style with Typography inspired by movie titles from the 40's when Elaine began. To finish off the video Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)" seemed like the perfect song to accompany the design.
The Wing was a women's coworking space that has locations throughout the US in New York, Chicago, DC, LA and now expanding to a Boston location. Elaine construction were the perfect construction managers as a woman owned business which caused a lot of buzz and press around the big launch. I collaborated with my marketing managers on the direction of the campaign and created all of the graphics to go along with the Wing's branding as well as staged a photoshoot of the beautiful new space.
Construction Schedule Redesign
Construction schedule's are complex documents that are imperative in the construction process. The previous schedule was extremely hard to follow quickly and included too much unnecessary information, to create a new schedule I focused on paring down the information just to what is important and using a color coding system to make the schedule quickly understandable. The purpose of the redesign was to show partner's that may not be familiar with traditional construction schedules, to make it easier to understand a project's timeline. This process involved close work with construction project managers to see what would realistically work best for them.
Corporate Cup T-Shirt 
This T shirt was created for the Corporate Cup event to benefit Boston Children's Hospital, this design combines construction and children having fun in the summer. My T-shirt design won best shirt for the event!
Holiday Party Save The Date
I was tasked with creating a save the date for a holiday party that has a secret theme, my goal not to give away the theme but to subtly allude to it. The secret theme is The Great Gatsby  so I included subtle art deco inspired motifs on the card and kept the colors light to not give the theme away. 
Agenda and Interview Leave Behind
This pamphlet is to be taken on interviews with potential construction clients, one side having the meeting agenda as well as the employees working on the project, and the other showcasing previous work and testimonials from clients. The original plan was to have two seperate sheets but I proposed we combine them in one to save paper and costs as well as making it a more memorable experience for the clients.